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Sidney’s Big Books of Math

Over the years, we’ve taught dozens of classes on water, wastewater, collection, and distribution math.  Our math workbooks contains hundreds of different math problems all worked out in detail to help folks brush up on their problem solving skills.  There is always more than one way to solve a particular problem.  If you’ve got a better method for solving a particular problem, let us know and maybe we’ll post your solution on the web!

Follow the links to the right to download individual chapters of the big water and wastewater math workbook or to download complete versions of different workbooks.  The big book has been revised and added to many times over the years.  One day soon, we’ll get it all cleaned up and paginated correctly.

If you’re looking for a shorter review, try our intermediate water math book or advanced wastewater book.

A huge THANK YOU to Lew Meeks for converting the Collections and Distribution Math Workbook from my handwritten scrawl to an easy to read electronic document!

NEW!!!  Check out our Excel spreadsheet that generates new problems on the fly.  Math Problem Generator v3