Colorado Certification Levels

What’s My Level?

Indigo Water Group is based in Littleton, Colorado. Our training bundles were developed with Colorado operators in mind. Requirements for your State may differ. More information on each Colorado license type and TU requirements for each are shown below.

For Colorado, collection and distribution licenses have levels 1 through 4 with 4 being the highest level certification an operator can achieve.  Water and wastewater licenses have levels D through A with A being the highest.

Colorado also has an S license which stands for Small Systems.  An S water license is equivalent to having both a level 1 distribution license and a level D water treatment license.  An S wastewater license is equivalent to having both a level 1 collection systems license and a level D wastewater treatment license.  Class S licenses are only valid for systems serving 3,300 persons or less.

A class T license is available for transient, non-community water systems.  A Class T license is only valid for systems drawing drinking water from wells that server fewer than 100 persons per day.  The well water may be treated, but can’t use chlorine disinfection.

How many TU’s are required in Colorado?

Class T 1.2 Training Units 12 hours
Class D or 1 1.2 Training Units 12 hours
Class S 1.8 Training Units 18 hours
Class C or 2 1.8 Training Units 18 hours
Class B or 3 2.4 Training Units 24 hours
Class A or 4 3.0 Training Units 30 hours

For more information on license and renewal requirements in Colorado, visit the Colorado Certified Water Professionals (CCWP) website.

Colorado operators are now required to complete one hour of approved regulatory training prior to renewing a license or applying to take a certification exam.

Frequently Asked Questions for Training Units in Colorado

How do I become an Operator in Colorado?  Please see our fact sheet.

Can I use a class to renew more than one license?  Yes.  Colorado allows a single class to be applied to multiple licenses.  However, if a one hour class is approved for 0.1 TUs in water and wastewater, you may not add the TUs together in a way that gives you more than 1 hour of total credit towards a single license.  This example class could be counted as 1 hour toward each license, but can’t be counted as more than 1 hour toward renewal of a single license.

Do all of my training units have to match my license type?  No.  Colorado allows up to half of the training units required to be from other topic areas.  For example, an operator with a Class D Water license needs 1.2 training units to renew.  At least 0.6 training units must be approved specifically for water.  The remaining 0.6 training units can be in any other approved area – wastewater, industrial, collection systems, distribution, or supplemental.

I just passed my exam.  Can I use training units from before I took the exam for my renewal application?  No.  The three-year clock on training unit acquisition resets when you pass an exam.