Process Optimization

If you need to fine-tune your process, attain compliance, improve efficiency, prepare for new effluent limits, or help new operators settle in, Indigo Water Group is ready to assist you by:

  • Reviewing existing process control protocols
  • Reviewing and interpreting historic operating data
  • Refining process control sampling and testing procedures
  • Suggesting changes to sampling protocols to ensure representative sampling
  • Establishing which tests to run and when to run them
  • Developing process control spreadsheets for daily operational parameter tracking
  • Developing trend charts
  • Setting control limits and defining out of limits actions
  • Maintaining compliance
  • Providing customized on-site training for process control and laboratory analyses
  • Writing Operations and Maintenance Manuals

We can also assist with bench-scale and pilot-scale testing to determine the best chemical choices and dosages. Our staff has worked with numerous municipalities and special districts throughout Colorado and the United States to enhance existing process control procedures and increase plant efficiency.


One of our first projects as Indigo Water Group was to complete an Operations and Maintenance Manual for the Wolf Creek Ski Area treatment plant.  We worked closely with operations staff and Frachetti Engineering to create a comprehensive manual for new staff members.