Activated Sludge

Activated Sludge & Nutrient Removal

Please join us for our Two-Day Activated Sludge Process Control and Nutrient Removal Course. Like our popular Wastewater Cram, this course is loaded with great information.  Spend time learning how to select the best process control strategy, optimize sludge age, set return activated sludge rates, select target dissolved oxygen and oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) targets, and manage environmental conditions to maximize nitrogen and phosphorus removal.  We’ll use a simulator to reinforce concepts and to troubleshoot more than 30 different scenarios to achieve different process goals.  All attendees receive a 30 day trial copy of the simulator.

Dates Location
August 23 – 24, 2023 Highlands Ranch, CO
May 7 – 8, 2024 TBD (Denver Area)
August 21 – 22, 2024 TBD (Denver Area)
Two Full Days of Activated Sludge and Nutrient Removal – $400

Course Agenda

The objective of this class is to give activated sludge front-line supervisors and operators, and process control operators and engineers, a more in-depth understanding of the activated sludge process. Lecture is supplemented with open discussion and an activated sludge process simulator.  Use knowledge gained throughout the day to quickly solve numerous scenarios.

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