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Seminar Topic DescriptionsUpdates and New Information for 2015.

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Seminar Topic Descriptions

On-Line Training Courses

Please be patient as it may take a moment or two for the presentations to load. The presentations include mini-quizzes interspersed throughout the training and one big quiz at the end.

Training Units APPROVED for Colorado for 2014

Training Units APPROVED for Colorado for 2015

Training Units APPROVED for Nebraska

Training Units APPROVED for Ohio

You will receive a Training Unit certificate regardless of whether or not a passing score is achieved on the final quiz.  We use the quizzes to engage our viewers, reinforce learned concepts, and to verify attendance.

To attend an on-line training class, select the class from the shopping cart menu below.  Courses are priced at $20 per contact hour.  One contact hour = 0.1 TUs.


Note:  You can add additional courses from within your iSpring training account.

Note:  If you can't log in, it is likely that your account has been temporarily deactivated.  Please call or email and request reactivation.  We try to take care of reactivations ASAP.

You will be able to print your certificate when training is complete.  Directions.

Before starting a training course, please be sure that your browser will allow popup windows and that you have the most current version of Flash installed.

Course Title Length, Minutes Cost  
Math Modules      
      Unit Conversions
      (Free Version. No TU)
35 $10 Buy Now
      (Free Version. No TU)
33 $10 Buy Now
      Chemical Dosing
      (Free Version. No TU)
33 $10 Buy Now
Universal Courses      
      Pumps 90 $30 Buy Now
      Hydraulics Basics 60 $20 Buy Now
      Hydraulics of Pumped Systems 120 $40 Buy Now
      Corrosion Control 120 $40 Buy Now
      Maintenance of Wastewater Facilities 90 $30 Buy Now
      Representative Sampling 90 $30 Buy Now
      Disinfection Byproducts  90 $30 Buy Now
      Trenching and Shoring 120 $40 Buy Now
      Confined Space Entry 90 $30 Buy Now
Collection Systems Courses      
      Introduction to Collection Systems 90 $30 Buy Now
      Collection Systems Inspect, Test, and Clean - Part 1  120 $40 Buy Now
      Collection Systems Inspect, Test, and Clean - Part 2 120 $40 Buy Now
      Lift Stations 60 $20 Buy Now
      Pretreatment and Pollution Prevention 150 $50 Buy Now
Wastewater Treatment Courses      
      Intro to Wastewater Treatment: A Plant Overview 90 $30 Buy Now
      What's In My Wastewater?  Definitions and Ratios 90 $30 Buy Now
      Fixed Film:  Trickling Filters and RBCs 90 $30 Buy Now
      Lagoons and Wetlands 120 $40 Buy Now
      Lagoons and Fixed Film (older) 90 $30 Buy Now
      Activated Sludge Basics 150 $50 Buy Now
      Activated Sludge Basics: A Mechanical Approach 120 $40 Buy Now
      Activated Sludge Microbiology - Part 1 60 $20 Buy Now
      Activated Sludge Microbiology - Part 2 60 $20 Buy Now
      Types of Activated Sludge Systems 90 $30 Buy Now
      Nitrogen Removal: Nitrification and Denitrification 120 $40 Buy Now
      Phosphorus Removal: Biological and Chemical 90 $30 Buy Now
      Secondary Clarifiers and SPA 90 $30 Buy Now
      Activated Sludge Process Control
      Tests and Troubleshooting
120 $40 Buy Now
      IFAS and Membrane Systems     Coming Soon!
      Disinfection - Wastewater Focus 90 $30 Buy Now
      Chlorine Cylinder Changeout Demonstration 30 $10 Buy Now
      Intro to Solids Handling and 503 Regulations 90 $30 Buy Now
      Aerobic and Anaerobic Digestion 120 $40 Buy Now
      Belt Filter Presses 90 $30 Buy Now
      Centrifuges 90 $30 Buy Now
      Odor Control 90 $30 Buy Now
      Lab - pH, Alkalinity, BOD, and Winkler 120 $40 Buy Now
      Lab - Total Suspended Solids Testing 60 $20 Buy Now
      Lab - Fecal Coliform Testing 90 $30 Buy Now
      Proper Use of Spectrophotometers 60 $20 Buy Now
      Basic Chemistry 120 $40 Buy Now
      Treatment of Metal Wastestreams 60 $20 Buy Now
Water Treatment Courses      
      Introduction to Small Water Systems  90 $30 Coming Soon!
      Water Treatment Chemistry  120 $40 Coming Soon!
      Water Microbiology  90 $30 Coming Soon!
      Water Sources Part 1  90 $30 Coming Soon!
      Water Sources Part 2  120 $40 Coming Soon!
      Water Treatment Part 1  120 $40 Buy Now
      Water Treatment Part 2 (Disinfection)  150 $50 Coming Soon!
      Introduction to Distribution Systems  120 $40 Coming Soon!
      Colorado Drinking Water Regulations Part 1  90 $30 Coming Soon!
      Colorado Drinking Water Regulations Part 2  90 $30 Coming Soon!
      Corrosion Control and Laboratory  120 $40 Coming Soon!
On-Line Water Training Classes from Colorado Rural Water      

Note: W = Water, WW = Wastewater, I = Industrial, C = Collections, D = Distribution

Our training classes are APPROVED for Training Units in Colorado, Nebraska, and Ohio.

Videos from YouTube to Further Your Education

These videos are not approved for training units, but are short and very well done.

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